Fanartivation Interview with Naadi

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanartivation Interview with Naadi
Interviewee: Naadi
Date(s): December 1, 2011
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: online here; link
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Fanartivation Interview with Naadi was posted to Fanartivation in 2011.

This interview contains examples of the artist's work and their comments about them.

Part of a Series

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Some Excerpts

I’m one of the old folks in fandom *grin* - I’m old enough to have a daughter in her mid-twenties. :D My hobbies are gardening, photography, puzzles and playing computer games, especially the Myst games and Mahjong. I read constantly, mostly fantasy and YA fiction for fun and inspiration, and then more of any other subject I get interested in. I love the library and have way too many books!!
Being involved in fandom has been amazing! I’ve talked to people all over the world that I would never have known otherwise. I’m continually amazed at the level of creativity of everyone I’ve met. I’ve also gained so much practice in doing work for an audience and getting feedback that is very encouraging. I feel that it has enriched my life immeasurably.
Practice, practice, practice! :D Keep pushing yourself to try new things and do old things better. Drawing well is really about seeing accurately, so work from life whenever possible. Never apologize for your work – even if it doesn’t meet your expectations (yet), it’s your own creative work and is therefore worthy of respect. :) Fandom is meant to be fun and inclusive, so don’t worry – just participate and enjoy!!