Fan power takes on new meaning

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News Media Commentary
Title: Fan power takes on new meaning
Commentator: Sarah Lyall
Date(s): 14 October 2004
Venue: The New York Times
Fandom: The Vampire Chronicles
External Links: Fan power takes on new meaning, Archived version
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Fan power takes on new meaning is an article about an event involving Anne Rice and her fandom. Many fans were disappointed with the book Blood Canticle and said so in their Amazon reviews. Rice decided to engage her fans on equal footing and responded with a rant posted to Amazon.

Many authors are upset by the snide tone of some Amazon reviews; Rice decided to do something about it. She posted a blistering 1,200-word defense of her book on the site, laying in to those critics who, she said, were "interrogating the text from the wrong perspective."

The line "interrogating the text from the wrong perspective" is now a favorite catchphrase on Fandom Wank and elsewhere.[1] It is used ironically by fans to mock someone, either the original author of the text using authorial intent to trump what actually appears on the page, or another reader who assumes that there can be only one "correct" interpretation of the text.


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