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Name: FanPolis
Owner/Maintainer: Lanevra, belldandy
Dates: 2014 – present
Topic: Fandom
the current FanPolis logo
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Fanpolis is a Czech (and partially also Slovak) encyclopedia of fanworks. The encyclopedia was founded in 2014 by Lanevra and belldandy. In the beginning, SOS (Společnost pro osvětu spisovatelů) members helped with the creation of the first articles, among many others.

Fanpolis aims to map a variety of fan activities as widely as possible, explain fanninsh terminology, bring information about authors, fandoms and ships. It was created in an effort to build up a local equivalent of a Fanlore. It's mission is to persevere information especially about the local fan community. It is therefore written in Czech, by Czech fans and predominantly about Czech and Slovac fannish community, although it also tries to set this local fannish activity into the bigger picture.

In 2021, bedrnika and Femme fragile also became the administrators of the encyclopedia, and a number of new articles were created on their initiative.