Fall Into the Spiral

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Title: Fall Into the Spiral
Author(s): Clausus intra Spiralus/NOT_Kirie_Goshima
Date(s): July 24, 2015
Length: 1919 words
Genre: Het, Angst, Canon Divergence
Fandom: Uzumaki
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Fall Into the Spiral is a slightly canon-divergent retelling of the scene in Uzumaki where Shuichi Saito, the deuteragonist, falls from near the top of a two-kilometer staircase. The narration covers this scene and continues until the canonical end of the manga, switching between third person omniscient and third person limited.


The inspiration behind it was the author's headcanon that the Spiral did not only distort time outside of the main town's boundaries, but was instead capable of warping time everywhere inside the town as well--hence, Shuichi could have laid inside the Sprial city for anywhere from half a second to several years; in this fanfic's case, about a month.


In this fanfic, Shuichi is the main character. The spiral-cursed attacker curls himself around Shuichi and knocks them both off the staircase, and Shuichi's long fall to the bottom is described in detail. By the time he hits the ground, the spiral man has crumbled to dust, and nearly every bone in Shuichi's body shatters on impact, as a human is not supposed to be able to survive a two-kilometer fall. The Eternal Spiral keeps him alive for the sake of tormenting him into surrendering himself to it, however Shuichi instead wills himself to remain uncontaminated and lies in the city of the Spiral in excruciating pain for weeks, losing track of time. Eventually, he sees what he believes to be a vision of his lover, Kirie, falling slowly into the city encased in a ball of light. However, she is not a vision but the actual Kirie, and reveals to him that to her, due to the Spiral's way of distorting time, he fell less than an hour ago and she immediately ran to the end of the staircase and fell herself. Shuichi believed that Kirie had escaped from Kurozu-Cho after he fell, but Kirie insists that she would never leave him behind in such a place. Finding that he can't move, Kirie lies down beside Shuichi and they agree to succumb to the Spiral together, in each other's arms; though they expect to die, they instead find themselves frozen in time.

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