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Name: F.L.A.R.E.
Date(s): 1989(?) - present
Profit/Nonprofit: nonprofit, unofficial organization
Country based in: USA, SF Bay Area
Focus: Convention security & logistics
External Links: FLARE website
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FLARE is one of the SF Bay Area's convention security teams. It evolved out of the core group of Security/Conops staff who worked several conventions; they gradually developed protocols that allowed them to deal with problems, train new staff, and prevent repeat fiascos. They developed a distinctive con badge with red lettering on a black background, and on-duty members wear radios/walkee-talkees that connect to a central hub, generally at or near Conops. FLARE is an all-volunteer, unpaid organization, although they have been known to accept bribes of chocolate for small favors.

Members of FLARE are assigned a radio number that stays consistent as long as they're members. These numbers aren't assigned in order; people often take favorite or personally meaningful numbers out of what's available. The master list is maintained by (someone).

FLARE used to promote the weapon-use policy of "You kill it, you eat it." This was eventually switched to "your weapon kills it, you eat it" (encouraging people to peace-bond their weapons) and gradually dropped from official convention policies, as it made the legal staff twitchy. The current weapon policies forbid anything that looks like a real firearm[1] because such things make hotel staff and visiting police officers very very nervous.

FLARE sometimes issue statements in the convention newsletters.[2] These can be serious warnings about costume or weapons rules or part of the convention fun.

There's some crossover membership between FLARE and C.A.T., another SF Bay Area security/logistics team.

The meaning of the initials "F.L.A.R.E." is generally kept secret from non-members. Several variations and explanations have been offered.


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