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Title: FCanon
Editor(s): seraphimi
Date(s): 2001
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: multimedia
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FCanon was an online e-zine of fan fiction that departed from TV show canon. Two issues were published in 2001.

From the publisher's mission statement:

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH CANON? Nothing. And everything. Depending on your point of view. Nothing at all if you love and watch Star Trek, or any other show for that matter, and never wonder 'what if'? Ah, but if you do dare to dream of another scenario, therein lies the problem. Should you be forced to follow what has gone before, and boldly go where the series writers are already heading? Or should you be especially heinous, and plunge yourself into completely new, uncharted and never to be seen on tv in our lifetime, territories of fandom dreaming? I personally hope you choose the latter, it's a lot more fun and in my opinion makes for much better fanfiction.

Canon is the strangler of the muse, and its best excuse for being lazy. I can't make it happen because in 'X' episode 'Y' dies, or 'Y' character can't have this relationship, because 'Y' never did that in the rest of the series. The muse turns gray. S/he shrivels and dies. Canon can be deadly. Writing under canon's yoke puts unnecessary limitations on a creative outlet that is supposed to be, first and foremost, fun.

That's the nature of why we write these stories, because we're playing with our virtual Barbies, putting them in situations they were never originally intended to go."[1]

Issue 1 was published online in 2001.



  • The Outcasts by Andi and Saklani Bashir and Dukat find themselves prisoners of a ruthless band of pirates. (rated R(even though it's probably only PG-13), Bashir, Dukat, a little Garak and original Cardassians.
  • A Different Approach by Kathy P. Garak makes his move (DS9, G/B, rated R)
  • The Waiting Game by Slashboy Someone is waiting (VOY, ?/?, Chakotay, Paris, f, rated R)
  • Rule The Night by Cathy Kaufman Spock must deal with the undead, and Christine especially (TOS, Spock/Christine, Rated R)
  • Double Jeopardy by Morticia The real story behind Chakotay’s comment "What was your price this time, Paris?" (Du/P, C/P, VOY, extreme violence, rape, rated NC-17)
  • The Tea Time Universe (Drabbles) by Beth P. Dabo boy Tom Paris, and the resident Cardassian tailor Garak, get into trouble. Again. (C/P, G/B, rated R)
  • Slashboy's 'Green' Drabbles by Slashboy Some C/P smut where Tom needs his question answered (C/P, rated NC-17)
  • Rememberance (Drabble) by Kathy P. Based on her 'Refugee' universe (G/B, rated R)


  • Metamorphosis by Invicta Q gives Julian what he wants, but is Julian prepared to handle the consequences? (Q/B, P/Q, B/Du, G/Z , DS9, Rated R)
  • Lilith by melissaand Gem NOTE: Part four, the conclusion of this novel, is slotted for release for midnight Hallowe'en 2000. If you wish to have a print version of this work, please email FCanon!with your request. Kira and Dukat find themselves in the universe of an ambitious goddess, a world forged in death and blood (Du/Lilith, K/Du, We/Lilith, We/m or f, O/Lilith, G/B,DS9, Rated NC-17, torture, bdsm)
  • Full Circles by melissa It's the end of the world as we know it, and DS9 feels fine. All the gods, goddesses and all their friends show up for a 'going out of existence party' at Quarks. (G/B, DS9, rated R)
  • Admiring Fools by Victoria Meredith After finding themselves in the mirror universe, Kira and Damar discover they have a mutual 'admiration' for one another (Kira/Damar, Da/Du, DS9, rated NC-17, non cons, bdsm)
  • Bridges (Admiring Fools, Part Two) by Victoria Meredith A continuation of Admiring Fools In the moments between death and resurrection, Kira and Damar contemplate what went wrong and what could have been. (DS9, Kira/Damar,G, rated NC-17)
  • Too Many Vortas by Victoria Meredit The Dominion War gets turned on its ear in this story of political intrigue and adventure, humor and romance, angst and a whole lot of kanar. In this shake up of the war, a drunken Damar rebels in a completely different way with Garak at his side and a multitude of Vortas getting in their way and at least one getting in Damar's bed. Guest appearances by Kira and Odo, Worf, Ezri and Sisko and a special cameo by Grand Nagus Zek. It's time to kiss the Jem'Hadar good-bye and say hello to way, way too many Vortas! (DS9, Damar/original Kilana, Da/f, rated R)


The stories on this page are original works and are the sole possession of the authors. No archiving, reprinting or distribution is permitted without the author's explicit permission.

Issue 2 was published online in 2001.


  • If I Only Had A Brain by Alan Decker and Anthony Butler. Life still isn't easy in the 26th century.  And let's just say that the concept of romance takes on new and, uh, interesting proportions....
  • Fusion Confusion by Beth P. . A VOY/Futurama crossover.  Bender causes some trouble, and Leela has to make the hardest decision in her life.
  • Sea Change by Kathy P. (DS9, G/B slash) In an alternate universe, some things will forever remain the same, even when the deck is shuffled.
  • Bear Skin by Marguerite Muguet (Highlander: The Series, Duncan/Methos slash ) Duncan meets a stranger and makes a bargain with him.  Inspired by the folktale of the same name, “Bearskin."
  • Journey by Mokona (DS9, Dukat, Kira, Weyoun, etc.)  Dukat decides too late that he doesn't want an alliance with the  Dominion. 
  • Samurai Homer by lavender (Ruroni Kenshin/The Simpsons) Homer has a grudge to settle with Saitou.


  • Nod by Nicole S. (X-Files, Mulder/Krycek, slash, NC-17) Krycek has valuable information for Mulder.
  • That Was Then, This Is Now by Victoria Meredith (DS9, Damar/Kira, rated R) A continuation of the Admiring Fools saga, this third in the series further explores the increasingly complicated relationship growing between Damar and Kira, set against the backdrop of their efforts to thwart the Dominion from the confines of Enabran Tain's basement.
  • Metamorphosis by Morticia (X-Files, Skinner/Mulder, Krycek/Mulder, slash,NC-17(though probably higher), NON-CONSENSUAL, RAPE, TORTURE—BOTH PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL)  WARNING!!! This is not a story for everyone—VERY, VERY DARK!  Mulder is brutalized and broken by Skinner, only to suffer an equally  horrifying ordeal at the hands of Krycek NOTE: Special thanks to the 'Slashing Mulder' archive for giving a home to this story while Slashcity is down :D..  
  • A Party To Die For by Saklani (DS9, multiple pairings, rated R) Jadzia's friend gives her a little something to liven up the tedium on the station.
  • Strange Bedfellows by Saklani (slash, Bud White/Ed Huxley, LA Confidential)Bud White returns from Arizona, looking for the one person he cannot get off his mind, Ed Exley.
  • Possesion (jpg) by Heather This is certainly how I see Garak and Bashir. Definitely rated 'R' :)--ed.