Ezra's Body of Slash

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Name: Ezra's Body of Slash
Date(s): 30 March 2003-present
Archivist: Lumina~
Founder: Lumina~
Type: character-centric, slash
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
URL: http://www.e-fic.com/ezrasbodyofslash/
Ezra's Body of Slash Archive.png
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Ezra's Body of Slash is the fanfiction archive of the EzrasBodyofSlash mailing list.[1] As of July 2011 the archive is hosting 364 stories and 2 slash vids.

Eligible to be archived at Ezra's Body of Slash are:
  • Wholly, and solely, Ezslash stories, pairing Ezra with any of the Seven, other canon male characters, original male characters, crossover male characters, any man anywhere.
  • Old West stories, as well as any stories in Open AUs, such as the ATF. Stories in Closed AUs may be submitted by the universe's creator/s only. For the purposes of this site, Open but Conditional AUs are considered Closed.
  • Stories including more than one Ezslash pairing.
  • Threesome stories that are wholly Ezslash focussed. Please refer to the EBoS Posting Guidelines for threesome scenarios that may not be submitted here.
  • Death fics, partner betrayal, rape, BDSM, torture, angst, PWP, crossovers, hurt/comfort... Wherever your story takes us. There are no restrictions in this regard.
Not allowed are stories with non-Ezra slash pairings, M/F pairings or threesomes involving a female, RPS (Real People Slash).[2]

Mailing List

The mailing list is hosted on Yahoo! Groups and listed as a public group with 480 members as of October 2019. It was founded on Nov 17, 2002.[3]


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