Everything is Better the Second Time Around

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Title: Everything is Better the Second Time Around
Author(s): CeleryLapel
Date(s): December 22, 2015 - present
Length: 822,196 words (6 parts)
Genre: AU, Babyfic, Romance, Angst, Family
Fandom: Community (TV series)
External Links: AO3
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

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Everything is Better the Second Time Around is a Jeff/Annie fanfiction series by CeleryLabel. The series is currently on part 6 as of May 2020.

Summary of the Series

If Annie Edison had a child before she entered Greendale and how this situation might have shaped her and Jeff’s relationship. Technically AU but will incorporate many of the events from the show. Some liberties will be taken.


On AO3, there are 1,654 comments, 1,267 kudos, and 58 bookmarks.

"Oh I need to tell you I absolutely loved this story. It was a gret idea and you're a great writer. I loved that this story showed a more mature side of Annie, as she's a mother now, and I also loved so much reading Jeff's interactions with Sophie."[1]

"Just a wonderful story!"[2]

"What a fantastic end to Part 2!!! :)

This chapter touched on such important aspects of Jeff and Annie's relationship and you wrote the moments wonderfully. My favorite part of the chapter was definitely the moment between Jeff and Annie on the couch when they had their honest conversation. I feel as though it was a great way to bring together all of the tension-producing aspects of their relationship that we've read throughout the series. I loved that we got to see Annie get through to Jeff in telling him what she wants and I also love that we got to see Jeff's emotional side. It proves that this relationship is important and real to him. But it also shows that he still has fears of being abandoned. Jeff!!! My heart!!! Really, really wonderful moment. Abed was my other favorite part of this chapter! I love his meta-take on the fic, much like he has on the show and I think it's hilarious and perfect. We also got to see him have a heartfelt moment with Annie which was great. :) And I love your take on Paintball S2, and the whole Han situation! Which brings me to the my next comment, I LOVE THEIR CONVERSATION IN BED. "We make a good team." <3 Such a perfect way to sum up Part 2 of this series and to introduce the next step in their relationship! ...

AWESOME JOB!! Part 2 has been amazing and so enjoyable! I'm so excited for Part 3! :)"[3]