Event Yaoi

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Name: Event Yaoi
Date(s): 2009-
Country based in: France
Focus: Yaoi and yuri media
External Links: www.event-yaoi.fr (archived)
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Event Yaoi is an organization created in Lyon, France in 2009 to promote "the culture of manga and derivative works dealing with homosexuality."


  • Y/CON convention
  • YapY (Yaoi apéro Yuri) meetups
  • Y²Mag e-zine
  • La Voix Lactée web radio show (December 2012-December 2013)
  • YBY Éditions: indie publishing house
    • YBY stands for You, Be Yourself!


  • President: Valentine Tézier
  • Vice presidents: Delphine Desusclade, Maryne Blain
  • Secretary: Natacha Murolone
  • Treasurer: Nicole Michaud[1]