Essays: Rants and Rambles

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Name: Essays: Rants and Rambles
Owner/Maintainer: Arduinna
Dates: 1999-2005
Fandom: multi
URL: here, Archived version
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Essays: Rants and Rambles is a website by Arduinna.


Other People's Essays:

  • Big List of Fanfic Peeves by Sandy Herrold (Well worth reading! Shoo, shoo... (and take notes))
  • The Zombie Hand of Rob Lowe by Laura Jacquez Valentine (If you write or read fanfiction, you have to read this essay. It's a brilliant, funny look at the rampant spare-body-part writing (as well as rampant epithetism) that can take over a story.)
  • You Big Bully! by Rachael Sabotini (This cuts right to the heart of apology!fic and grovel!fic, and is a fascinating read.)
  • The Ten Commandments of Crossovers by Lucy Gillam (Just what it sounds like: a look at what does and doesn't work in crossovers.)
  • The Virtual Swamp, or Navigating the Web Without a Map by T'Mar (This is a little different from the other essays linked here—it's a call to make stories easier to find, and is very much worth reading for anyone who writes fanfic, especially if they have their own webpage.)
  • The Fanfic Symposium (This is a steadily growing collection of essays by a variety of people—anyone who wants to contribute is welcome. There's some good stuff here.)