Epilogue? What Epilogue?

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Synonym(s)EWE, HP: EWE
Related tropes/genresAU, denialfic
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The phrase "Epilogue? What Epilogue?", commonly abbreviated EWE, is used to describe Harry Potter fanfiction that ignores the epilogue of book 7. It is derived from the term Plot? What Plot?.

The dislike of the epilogue to Harry Potter may be said to stem from the fact that it bears an uncanny resemblance to a common genre of badfic: the post-Hogwarts fic done wrong. Clam Chowder's parody of the genre, written well before the final book came out, illustrates why fans were so put out: "PEOPLE are MILLING about. It is roughly TWENTY years since the END of the SERIES. Absolutely NOTHING has changed ANYWHERE." Harry's children are named James and Lily, Draco has "given all of [his] children weird, incomprehensible Latin names," and "~ To COMPLETE the ENEMBLE [sic] - a GARGANTUAN CLUSTER of WEASLEYS arrive -." Lupin, speaking for the author, says, "How is it that you all had children at the exact same time?"[1]

EWE is a particularly popular genre among fans whose ships were jossed by the epilogue, or those who dislike it for other reasons. Many fans don't consider EWE fics to be AUs.

EWE fic can be written by fans who don't dislike canon, but want to write ship fic for non-canon pairings.[2]

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