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Journal Community
Name: Epic Merlin
Date(s): 03 August 2010 (founding date) - September 2012 (last entry)
Moderator: ella_bane, faynia, owlrigh
Founder: ella_bane
Fandom: Merlin
URL: epic_merlin (LiveJournal); archive link
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Epic Merlin is a community for Merlin fanfiction that is over 10,000 words long and complete. It aims to be a resource for longer Merlin fanfic and welcomes recommendations for such fic.
All ships (rps too), all ratings, and all kinks are welcome. This includes gen fic too! All we want is for your fic to be over 10k and complete. Older fics are needed! If you would like to share your epic fic or simply recommend epic fic, we'd love to read your contributions. The requirements for posting are simple. Keep reading for details and start posting!
As of December 2011 the community has 153 members.