Engage! (Star Trek zine published by David Blalock)

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Title: Engage!
Publisher: out of Memphis, TN
Editor(s): David Blalock
Medium: print
Fandom: mixed Star Trek
Language: English
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Engage! is a mixed Star Trek zine. It was published quarterly.

Issue 1

Engage! Voyage One, Mission One

Issue 2

Engage! Voyage One, Mission Two

Issue 3

Engage! Voyage One, Mission Three

Issue 4

Engage! Voyage One, Mission Four

Issue 5

Engage! Voyage Two, Mission One

Issue 6

Engage! Voyage Two, Mission Two

Issue 7

Engage! Voyage Two, Mission Three

Issue 8

Engage! Voyage Two, Mission Four was published in summer 1994.

front cover of issue #8

The managing editor was David Blalock the non-fiction editor was Anne Myers, the fiction editor was Lisa Ham, the fantasy editor was Esther Hutchison, the general editor was Ken Marquis, art and graphics by Bill Tracer, and Erica Blalock, David Blalock, and Amy Baird, staff was Becky Durand, Dana Durand, Susan Marquis, and Jennifer Marquis.

  • Majel Barrett Roddenberry, bio by Becky Durand (2)
  • Number One and the Computer Voice, article by David Blalock (3)
  • Christine Chapel, speculative bio/sort-of fiction by Anne Myers (4)
  • Gene Roddenberry, bio by Susan Marquis (11)
  • All Good Things, TNG Takes Its Final Bow, commentary by Michael Harper (13)
  • Lwaxana Troi, a bio/character study by Esther Hutchison (14)
  • Star Dregs V: The Cyberpunk Song, filk to the tune of the punk song in the sixth Star Trek movie
  • Fill in the Blanks, a look at Spock's return/revival, article by Ken Marquis (16)
  • Star Dregs IV, Encounter with the Bjornborg, fiction, "unmercifully perpetrated by Lisa Ham" (LONG parody, includes "Captain Junk-Food Retard," "Mr. Dating," "Dr. Cruncher," and "Mr. G. LaFarts") (18)
  • My Favorite Author: Diane Duane by Ken Marquis, includes some short pro book reviews (31)
  • Two Ships in the Night, TNG fiction by Diana Durand (33)
  • The Star Dregs Word Search (35)
  • A Jurassic Adventure?, fiction by Eric Groff (not Trek) (36)
  • Remembering Roger, TOS fiction by David Blalock (38)
  • Sacrifice, fiction by Jennifer Marquis (not Trek) (40)
  • Engage! Spotlight (48)

Issue 9

Engage! Voyage Three, Mission One

Issue 10

Engage! Voyage Three, Mission Two was published in 1995.

Issue 11

Engage! Voyage Three, Mission Three was published in 1995.

Issue 12

Engage! Voyage Three, Mission Four

Issue 13

Engage! Voyage Four, Mission One

Issue 14

Engage! Voyage Four, Mission Two (Terok Nor: The Untold Story) was published in 1996.

Issue 15

Engage! Voyage Four, Mission Three

Issue 16

Engage! Voyage Four, Mission Four was published in 1996.