Embers (X-Files story)

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Title: Embers
Author(s): Syntax6
Date(s): August 2000
Length: 243 KB
Genre: MSR
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: online here

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Embers is an MSR story by Syntax6.

Story Header

"File Size: 243 KB

Rating: NC-17 to be safe

Classification: SAX, MSR

Spoilers: Season five, post Redux II

Summary: Tiberton is a town rife with buried bodies and buried secrets. But at least one of the two won't seem to stay down."

Reactions and Reviews

jen: I finished a big chunk of school work on Saturday, and decided to reward myself by finishing this fic. I'd started it as a WIP, but RL got in the way about halfway through. So last night I started from the beginning and devoured the thing in one bite. And what a tasty treat it was! Relationship angst everywhere, complete with smut. All wrapped around a tangy morsel of a plot line, and you have a great snack. There's something for everyone in this fic, so grab your spoon and dig right in!

Mara: Early season 5 casefile, MSR, post-cancer story. Mulder and Scully are navigating their way through a new relationship, a return to health and work for Scully and a rash of fires in a small town where there is far more to the local legends of a prominent family -- what more could you want?



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