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Title: Eloquence
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 30+ pages
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Language: English
External Links: tictail, tumblr
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Eloquence is a nsfw art zine in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


This zine is a lingerie-themed Voltron art zine, featuring original art of our favorite characters in beautiful lingerie (with the exception of Pidge, who is underage in both the original and reboot of the series and will in no shape or form appear in this zine).

Whether they are Paladins, royalty, or our favorite Galra fighters, anyone has a chance to appear in the zine; it is not discriminatory of race (alien or otherwise…) or gender! This zine is ship- and solo-friendly, with consensual and even a little hands-on flirting (but no nudity!) accepted.

We look forward to presenting to you our VLD friends in their finest!

This zine is a for-profit project, with all costs not directly associated with shipping and physical production being evenly distributed amongst artists. Receipts for purchases and final splits, as per policy for for-profit zines hosted by @tokio-zines, will be shared privately with the artists and with full transparency. Artists will receive a physical copy of the zine and a high-definition PDF copy at no cost to them; further merchandise produced can be purchased at print-cost if they wish to have it, in order for every member to receive what they want as well as maximize monetary profit. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding how this zine’s compensations will operate or how they operate in general when hosted by @tokio-zines!


rutopa, kenna, das, redram, muffarino, salamandra, knife, yume-jin, hoshibara, lulu’s atelier, keitaiga, kathi, melissa mendelson art, orozqiyo, afiffrds, pinheiro, glassflesh, sassykat, maz, paty, ryesbread, dejavidetc, lawrence, pinkhitman, marribun, gee, tape, cap o’ rushes, pitchgold, moist-rosebud, meridachii, tori001, sublucat, teaffeine, blueyblues, aktual2

Merch Artists

gemini, kenna, das, redram, muffarino, salamandra, knife, yume-jin, nevermoree, aktual2, staribun, ashley smith, pinkhitman, tape, sublucat, pd/silvioly