Electronic Voice Phenomena

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Title: Electronic Voice Phenomena, also known as EVP
Created by: angstslashhope
Date(s): August 2006-July 2007
Focus: fan fiction, music, and interviews
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: spnfic-podcast LJ community, podcast download website
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Electronic Voice Phenomena was a Supernatural podcast of fan fiction that also featured music and interviews with fan authors. It ran from August 2006 to July 2007. 13 podcasts each with a specific theme were created lasting around 60 minutes each. Slash and gen podcasts were separated. From the FAQ: "There is not be a single voice reading all the stories, nor a single author. Rather fans are encouraged to make recordings submit them to the editor(s), who then edit them together into a podcast, prepare show notes (relevant links and further information to the podcast), and post for people to download."

The title for the podcast comes from the term used on the show Supernatural "Electronic Voice Phenomena" or "voices or voice-like sounds, said by paranormal investigators to be of paranormal origin, hear or captured on recorded media through other electronic device."[1]