Eilidh17 (zine)

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Title: Eilidh17
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Editor(s): Jmas
Date(s): April 2015
Medium: print, PDF, CD
Genre: gen
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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Eilidh17 is a Stargate: SG-1 zine of gen fiction by Eilidh17. It has 255 pages (110768 words). The art is by Eilidh and Magnavox.



  • Stars in the Sky (Summary: Sometimes the past has a way of catching up with us. Tag to Moebius. Takes place any time after Ethon in season 9.)
  • Patches of Sunshine (Summary: Stranded on an island hit by a tsunami, Daniel and Vala stumble across a familiar object from SG-1's past. Set any time after Flesh and Blood in season 10.)
  • Standing Alone (Summary: Arrom does not yet know his place in this village of welcome strangers. Prequel for Fallen.)
  • ... To the Rescue (Summary: SG-1 run into trouble offworld. Jack and Teal'c manage to get themselves captured, while Daniel and Sam reacquaint themselves with an old friend.)
  • Enemy at the Gate (Summary: Enemies on the home-front leave a depleted SG-1 fighting for survival offworld.)
  • 5 Times SG-1 Left Daniel Offworld (Summary: Quick fiction from a conversation about Daniel's comment at the start of There But For The Grace Of God.... about being left behind again. Gen, angst, attempted humor, and some AU character deaths, all in 5 short stories.)
  • Passing Time (Summary: Written for the Freindshipathon on Livejournal. My prompt was: Daniel and Anise on an undercover archaeology mission.)
  • Crellum Mare (Story Timeline: Takes place between seasons 8 and 9, but Jack is on this mission. Allows for some flexibility in the timelines of both SG-1 and SGA, in that SGA's Letters from Pegasus has taken place during this time and the SGC has received at least preliminary reports from the Atlantis expedition. Summary: New allies bring with them a potential find of a lifetime in the guise of a planet made by the Ancients. However, the discovery comes with a hefty price as the shield holding the world together is failing. Faced with a seemingly insurmountable mission, SG-1 is left to try and save the planet before time runs out. Story Notes: I like to believe that Sam has the brilliance to take an invention and refine it over the years, and while the naquadah generator is not strictly something she created, it is likely that she continually tried to perfect it. With that in mind, I have taken some liberties with established canon on the functions of the generator and Sam's ability to repair and monitor its function.
  • Otakai (Summary: A simple case of mistaken identity? A trap is set and Daniel is forced to prove himself to a desperate people.)