Eight Pieces of Brocade

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Title: Eight Pieces of Brocade
Publisher: Sun and Shadow Press
Author(s): Jeanne McClure
Cover Artist(s): Jeanne McClure
Illustrator(s): no interior illos
Date(s): April 1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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Eight Pieces of Brocade is a gen 99-page Kung Fu: The Legend Continues novel by Jeanne McClure. It was edited by Carol Frisbie.

It contains no interior illustrations.



Winner of the 1996 FanQ Award. A dramatic/action novel of love, loss and responsibility: the love of a father for his son, the son's loss of his dream, and the responsibility we all must assume for the actions and decisions that can change our lives--and the lives of those entrusted to our care--forever. Peter and Kwai Chang Caine have made deadly enemies in the city's dark, drug-based underworld. When Peter takes a wound that threatens his life and his future as a cop, his two fathers and his partner, Jody, join forces to protect the young Caine from his enemies...and from himself. [1]


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