Eddie's Project A-ko Page

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Name: Eddie's Project A-ko Page
Dates: 1997[1]- 2009 (last update)
Type: author site
Fandom: Project A-ko
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/1378/ (old)
http://ako.projectok.net/ (2009)
Project O.K.png
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Eddie's Project A-ko Page is a Project A-ko fansite with a Shrine of Overrated Project A-ko Characters, a Temple of Underrated Project A-ko Characters, a Project A-ko Gallery, a page for Project O.K's Online Manga, a message board, fanfic, links and other stuff.

The page is a member of The Project A-ko Webring and it moved to a new URL in 2009 before Geocities closed down.


  1. The first update on the What's New? page is from 16 November 1997. (Accessed 14 October 2011)