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Name: ETV or "Expanding The Verse"
Date(s): Sept 2010-
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Crystal (CrystalSC): Administrator; Kirsty (coastal5): Moderator; and Barb (gentlesideoffury): Moderator
Type: discussion and announcements of vids
Fandom: vidding
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ETV or "Expanding The Verse" is a vidding forum that discusses fan vids. In addition to the forum, ETV also maintains a website that hosts interviews with featured vidders, featured videos, along with monthly challenges.

From the Challenges FAQ: "At the beginning of each month, a Vidders’ Challenge is announced where a video theme is given and vidders participating have to make a video around this theme, i.e. if the theme is romance, then vidders must make a romantic video. At the end of the month, the members of the forum then vote for the top three videos that they think best fulfills the given theme. The winners receive a customized graphic to display on their website. The objective is to have fun and to spark a vidder’s muse and creativity. With each new challenge we hope vidders will attempt to learn something new whether it’s an effect, a transition, coloring or story structure."