Dummy With Rapture

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Title: Dummy With Rapture
Author(s): hansbekhart
Date(s): 2008
Length: ~8,000 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: online here

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Dummy With Rapture is a Supernatural Dean/Castiel story written by hansbekhart.

The story was included in the sawedoff recs LJ community's final recommendation post.

Summary: "There’s a room,” Castiel says, pressing his hand against his own chest, “in a house, in a town, where this man used to pray. Where he’d tell God every secret, unworthy thought he’d ever had and be forgiven for them. It matters, Dean. It matters to me that we are alone.”

Fandom Reactions

Because this story captures the dynamic between Dean and Castiel in such a beautiful, heartbreaking way, it reads like it could be canon, even after Season 6. It also benefits from the skill of the author as far as descriptions are concerned, going from beautiful to brutal and back again.[1]
I kind of hated this. Everything going to hell and gone and Sam's *not there*, the one thing Dean gave up everything for and he's not there and it's just.... Too fucking much. The pockets of Armageddon are weird and creepy, the pockets of 'normal' are just as creepy. Dean getting to meet Jonah was cool and heartbreaking, Cas coming back was awesome and Dean, Dean....believing. cries But Sam isn't there, and ultimately, that breaks my heart.[2]
Oh my god. Absolutely, seamlessly gorgeous. The tone of it, the pacing, the middle-of-the-story story, the bleakness, the hope, the love.. It's those little details that get to me -- Castiel taking his coffee as black as Dean does, and Dean nudging his foot, and Castiel making a wish and crying at North Dakota and praying and Dean not praying.[3]
Holy Pants. This is amazing. Aching and longing and beautiful. And so very natural and real - this is a way that I can see it going, that's how real it feels. The way the absence of Sam almost becomes a character, the way Dean is always reaching for something, the way Castiel is slowly changing, becoming something else.[4]
The whole thing, from the first word to the last, was perfection, with added incredible for the cuddling/smoking scene. Loved it.[5]
This fic really deserves commendation for the mood it sets up. Bleak but beautiful in its starkness, the atmosphere in this fic matches the strange Apocalyptic world of the setting. The desolate tone also adds to the Destiel, making it somehow rawer and more emotional. The atmosphere passed from simply being there to become a thing of beauty that actually added to the story greatly. The serious and bleak tone was mainly from Dean’s POV, and it matched his character perfectly. The characterization was well done. My main complaint with this fic is the writing got off to a bit of a rough start in the beginning. Often times, this author uses fragments, seemingly as an artistic choice. Personally, I’m not a fan, however, it doesn’t detract hugely from the story. Angsty but lovely, contrasted the beauty of Destiel with a bleak, desolate world. MATURE READERS for smut (it’s marked as NC-17, but it’s more of a Mature/R) and possibly graphic depictions of violence. Note: The author states that this is mid-Season 4, however, it can definitely be seen as Season 5 or End!Verse.[6]


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