Duet for Three Stooges

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due South Fanfiction
Title: Duet for Three Stooges
Author(s): Kit Mason
Fandom: due South
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Duet for Three Stooges is a Fraser/RayK, Fraser/RayV story by Kit Mason.

Reactions and Reviews

You can't see where you are going without knowing where you have been. An exploration of where Fraser and the Rays stand at the nexus of Vecchio going undercover and Kowalski stepping into the partnership. I really like how the voice flows from Vecchio (pulling back) to Fraser (stuck in place) to Kowalski (looking forward) and how the story builds given this emotional structure. Vecchio may be hiding, Fraser may be despairing, and Kowalski may be bucking the odds but we can see the foreshadowing of resolution for all of them by Call of the Wild. What also makes this story a step above is how nicely the author handles the different tones and inflections for each character. [1]


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