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Name: due SOUTH Slash Virtual Season or DSSVS
Date(s): 2001-2002
Type: Virtual Season
Fandom: Due South
URL: DSSVS - Season 1 (Wayback)
DSSVS_News (Yahoo! Group)
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due SOUTH Slash Virtual Season was a virtual season project in due South fandom. It had one complete season. A season 2 was planned and in progress[1] but only a few episodes were published.[2]

Season 1

  • DSSVS#501 - Resurrection by Kristina - 10/31/01. During their search for the Hand Of Franklin, Fraser and Ray find something else entirely - and it isn't what you might think.
  • DSSVS#502 - Back To Where We Started by Carlito - 11/07/01. Fraser and Ray's relationship takes a new turn, and they have to decide about their future.
  • DSSVS#503 - An Exercise In Frustration by Nancy - 11/14/01. Fraser and Ray discover that patience isn't always an easy virtue to cultivate.
  • DSSVS#504 - Pleading The Fifth by Welmach - 11/28/01. LuAnn Russel is back and Fraser isn't happy
  • DSSVS#505 - Blast From The Past by Welmach - 12/05/01. Someone from Ray's past comes back into his life.
  • DSSVS#506 - Secet Service by Sel - 12/12/01. Thatcher comes back to Chicago for a mission.
  • DSSVS#507 - Cloud Number 9 by Carlito - 12/19/01. Fraser and Ray take some vacation up North.
  • DSSVS#508 - In The Crossair by Nancy - 12/26/01. When asked to investigate the dissapearance of a friend, Fraser becomes the killer's new target.
  • DSSVS#509 - A Civil Servant by Nancy - 01/02/02. A day in the life of Constable Turnbull.
  • DSSVS#510 - Cain And Abel by MR - 01/09/02. Fletcher tells Barbara and Damian Kowalski that Ray is in love with his male partner, and tries to break up their relationship.
  • DSSVS#511 - Funny Money by Ashlan - 01/16/02. Fraser and Ray come across some counterfeit currency.
  • DSSVS#512 - Discovery by Welmach - 04/10/02. Ray Veccho discovers the true nature of Fraser and Ray Kowalski's relationship.
  • DSSVS#513 - Past Regret and Future Fear by Carol Trendall - 04/17/02. Victoria is back. Can the two Ray's unite to bring her to justice? Has Fraser let go of his past.
  • DSSVS#514 - Smooth by Nancy - 04/24/02. Ray Kowalski is put on an undercover assignment with Ray Vecchio and things do not go well for anyone; especially Fraser who's left behind to keep the home fires burning all alone.
  • DSSVS#515 - Runaway by Carlito - 05/01/02. Stargate X-Over. When Adrian Conrad escapes, Fraser and Ray have to work with Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson.
  • DSSVS#516 - Surprise by Kristina - 05/08/02. Francesca learns about Ray Kowalski and Fraser's relationship.
  • DSSVS#517 - Walk on the Weird Side by Carol Trendall - 05/15/02. An unidentified body and a missing persons case makes Ray Kowalski look at his relationship with Fraser in a different light and causes Ray Vecchio to confront his prejudices.
  • DSSVS#518 - Revenge by Carlito - 05/22/02. DS/Sentinel crossover - When the Cascade's Butcher comes to Chicago to start a new "career", Fraser and Ray have to work with the Cascade P.D.
  • DSSVS#519 - Holiday Road by MR - 05/29/02. Fraser decides to take Ray on a vacation so they can both relax.
  • DSSVS#520 - To Be by Nancy & Kristina - 06/05/02. Season Finale Part 1.
  • DSSVS#521 - Or Not To be by Nancy & Kristina - 06/12/02. Season Finale Part 2.


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