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Name: Dresden Codak
Creator: Arryn Diaz
Date(s): June 8th, 2005 - present
Medium: webcomic
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official website,
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Dresden Codak is a sci-fi webcomic by Arryn Diaz that began in 2005. It updates irregularly, and sometimes takes long hiatuses, but has completed several long arcs and shorter one-off comics. The longest-running and best-known arc is the in-progress Dark Science.


Most of the stories focus on roboticist, cyborg, and mad scientist Kimiko Ross and her friends.


Fandom Overview

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The comic had a large following. In 2013, a kickstarter to print a hardcover volume of the comic raised over $500,000.[1]


People use Dresden Codak as examples of good art/bad writing, but I don’t think Dresden Codak’s art is very good because it doesn’t do a good job of conveying what it’s supposed to convey, and often harms the story by prioritizing cool spreads (and fanservice shots) over readability.
thewebcomicsreview [2]


The comic and the author Diaz have been the subject of wank within the webcomics fandom and creator community.

For example, Diaz often criticized other artists for sexualizing their female characters, but some fans and other artists pointed out that Diaz does pinups of their own OCs, and often draws Dresden Codak's protagonist Kimiko in fanservice-y poses. Mary Cagel made a comic calling out Diaz's hypocrisy, it was a whole thing. [3][4]

At this point, even though [they've] got a lot of Patreonbux, [they're] considered a bit of a joke among the webcomics community for [their] silly scandals, blatant hypocrisy, and general douchiness. Also [their] complete lack of knowledge on public policy.
thewebcomicsreview, 2018 [3]

Example Fanworks

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