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Journal Community
Name: Dreaming of Sunshine Recursive Community
Date(s): August 2018–
Moderator: wafflelate
Founder: wafflelate
Fandom: Dreaming of Sunshine
URL: https://dreamingofsunshine.dreamwidth.org/

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dreamingofsunshine is a journal community focused on the Naruto fanfiction Dreaming of Sunshine by Silver Queen. Members post recursive fanworks and organize community events like the Dreaming of Sunshine Exchange. As of November 2019 it had 60 members and 67 subscribers.

Content you can post here

  • Fanfiction — Some people like to post it straight to the comm (with a cut) so that all discussion happens here. Other people like to use a fake cut to direct readers back to their own journal. Either is fine! You can also post links for fics posted off-site. You're encouraged to self-promo!
  • Fanart, fanvids, fancomics, etc — You'll probably have to host offsite if it's anything big, but we'd love to see it! Please use a cut or thumbnail for larger images.
  • Meta — We love meta! Analysis, worldbuilding, it's all good! It's best for your meta to be a couple hundred words if you're going to post or link it here, though. Short observations or anything meant to induce discussion should go in a discussion post.
  • Community announcements — Doing a cool project? Need help with something? Let us know![1]


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