Dragon Age Big Bang

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Name: Dragon Age Big Bang
Date(s): 2012, 2013
Moderator(s): cherith, defira1985, owlmoose, seimaisin
Founder: seimaisin
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Dragon Age
Associated Community: dragonagebb
URL: http://dragonagebb.livejournal.com/
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The Dragon Age Big Bang is a fanfic/fanart challenge. So far it has run once in the summer/fall of 2012, as a Reverse Bang in spring/summer 2013, and again in winter/spring 2014. A second reverse round is scheduled for summer/fall of 2014.

The first big bang ran in two waves, one for 10K words and one for 20K words.[1] The reverse bang ran in one wave for a minimum of 5K words.[2]

Years Active


From the LiveJournal master post[3]:

  • Six Glimpses (Alistair/f!Cousland, Anders/f!Brosca) by aphreal42, art by skiesovergideon and art by chen-san
  • One Last Warden Story ( Alistair/f!Brosca) by elovely, fanmix by minorearth and art by lyndzapedia
  • Return to Starkhaven (Sebastian/Fenris) by darkseraphim21, art by niuniente and art by msbarrow
  • Smoke in the Distance (Bethany/Cullen) by seimaisin, art by cheesiestart and fanmix by nephili
  • Blood is the Life (Alistair/f!Cousland) by Beth Fury and Mike Tinfoil, art by epsilonshawn and fanmix by janiejanine
  • Spirits - The Song of Andraste (Andraste/Maferath; Andraste/Havard) by here_be_dragons, art by jancola and art by foxghost
  • Rethadahl - Tree of Safety (Carver Hawke/Merrill, F!Hawke/Isabela) by renalanfordgirl, art by fragilespark and art by sevievele
  • In the Catalogue of Common Things (Bethany Hawke / Teagan Guerrin) by cherith, art by Meagkhan and art by Scarele
  • Enemies (m!Amell) by skiesovergideon, art by Hadeshorn and art by Jambandit
  • Excrescence by bas_saarebas, fanmix by minorearth, art by epsifawnshawn
  • Falling Into the Sky (Finn/Dagna) by jessicajones_1, art by wadebramwilson, art by eyeofmantorok
  • Hiraeth ([Fenris/Anders) by storm_dragoness, art by wadebramwilson, art by eyeofmantorok
  • A Voice in the Wilderness (Velanna/Nathaniel) by fifmeister, podfic by thunz, fanmix by lafemmedarla
  • Web of Lies by murdock_it, fanmix by nephili
  • Keep Me Without Chains by mary_janed, art by chenria
  • The Web of Our Life is of a Tangled Yarn by herald_aros, art by spader7
  • The Winds of Fate (f!Hawke/Isabela) by thedawn, art by chenria
  • Fire and Lightning (f!Hawke/Fenris) by aaya_sohma, fanmix by cherith
  • Spectrum (Fenris/Sebastian) by mangacat, art by foxghost
  • Everybody Sees Your Lonely Heart (Carver/Merrill, f!Hawke/Anders) by c_carmenere art by linaleah
  • But We Found Each Other In The Dark (Fenris/Morrigan) by lafemmedarla, art by fragilespark and art by jeriais





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