Doppelganger (Stargate SG-1 zine)

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For the fanwork trope, see Evil Twin or Doppelganger.

Title: Doppleganger
Publisher: Yadda Press
Date(s): October 2004
Medium: print, cd, ezine
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
External Links: Yadda Press Preview Page Doppelganger SE, Archived version
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the CD
cover by Brionhet

Doppleganger has the subtitle: "Special Edition." It is a 218-page slash anthology with a cover by Brionhet. The fiction is all by PhoenixE. Art: Brionhet (front cover), Marcia, PhoenixE.

This zine was the first publication for Yadda Press.

From the Flyer

From the publisher's flyer:
I decided, for my debut offering, to go back to the very beginnings of my slash roots, because folks have been suggesting I give this series the 'zine' treatment for a long time, and also I'm trying to use reconnecting with this series and these characters to get back into the flow of - the story which shall not be named. This Special Edition of the Doppelganger Series will contain all six stories in the original series, all rewritten with some interesting additions, particularly the title story, which has been extensively revised, lengthened and is now, a slash story, complete with a brand new Mayonnaise ending. Woo Hooo! And if that's not enough to pique your interest this edition will also include the two bonus stories, Yard Work and Provocation. While they're not part of the Doppelganger arc per se, they are about the AU Jack and Daniel and they're kinda cute, so why the heck not.

The Zine's Editorial

Hail and Welcome! I thought I would kick off Yadda Press by dusting off and spiffing up an old friend. The Doppelganger Series was my first foray into slash.

Over the ensuing years I've done a bit more writing and this Special Edition is my attempt to bring a little bit of that to bear in order to offer a new and improved version of the series. AU of the stories have been retouched and revised, and while I've tried to retain the original tone and flavour of the stories as much as possible I've changed some bits that have always bothered me. The most extensively revised story is the one that started it all. Doppelganger was originally a gen story. It's not now, and I hope you will enjoy the new and definitely slashy version.

I would like to take a moment to thank Brionhet, Marcia, Biblio and especially Rowan for their support and help. This zine would not have been possible without their valuable and generous assistance and contributions. And I would also like to thank you for buying it, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this wee offering.

Note: Story summaries, ratings and warnings appear on the next page.

Thanks again for everything and may I just say in conclusion; DANIEL LIVES!!



  • Doppelganger ("SG-1 returns from an aborted mission and it's business as usual. Or is it? Warnings: Apparent Character Deaths - but things are not always as they seem. Intense emotional situations, violence. Notes: This story references events (and Xi'a) which occurred in my earlier story 'Take Me Home.' Rating NC-17 for the icky torture stuff.") (1)
  • Strange Beloved ("The AU SG-1 brings the Doppelganger home. Warnings: Again refers to the circumstances of the CD in the previous story and mentions the death of a secondary canon character. Rated NC-17.") (70)
  • Lifeline ("Companion Piece to 'Strange Beloved'. Daniel's rescue and homecoming from his perspective. Warnings: same as above. Rated NC-17.") (90)
  • Distraction ("Daniel returns to active duty and Jack discovers he has a big problem... Rating NC-17.") (101)
  • Rituals ("Companion piece to 'Distraction'. Daniel's thoughts on the eve of his return to active duty as well as what follows when he goes through the gate Rating NC-17.") (109)
  • Not Forgotten ("There are some things even death cannot extinguish. Rating NC-17.") (129)
  • Provocation ("Heated words lead to.. .heat. Rating NC-17.") (160)
  • Yard Work ("Daniel gets hot. Jack gets bothered, the lawn wonders what it did to end up in this mess... Rating R." ) (167)

The Art

  • Cover by Brionhet
  • Wheel of Fortime by Marcia... page 40 (Well, actually, I came up with the concept and did all the little pictures but Marcia was the one who did the actual manip 'cause, well, I couldn't)
  • Full Circle... page 100 (My very first attempt at an actual mania and it shows. You may snicker.)
  • Not Forgotten/JD Love by Marcia... 179 (Now, we're talking talent, folks!)
  • All other graphics can be blamed on a huge graphics file, Photo Editor, and me!

Sample Interior