Donald Symons

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Name: Donald Symons
Also Known As:
Occupation: Professor Emeritus in Anthropology
Medium: Academic
Works: publications related to fandom include: Slash fiction and human mating psychology, published 2004 in the Journal of Sex Research and Warrior Lovers: Erotic Fiction, Evolution and Female Sexuality, published 2003 (both with Catherine Salmon)
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Donald Symons is an academic and anthropologist best known for his work in evolutionary psychology and the study of human sexuality. With Catherine Salmon, he published two works related to fandom, particularly slash fanfiction.

In 2009, Symons did an interview about slash fiction that was uploaded to YouTube and came to the attention of many fans.[1] The interview covers the material from his two published works on the subject, although he does not mention Catherine Salmon as co-author. Fan reaction was not very positive to the interview.[2][3]

In a review of Billion Wicked Thoughts, Symons defended the authors of the book from the criticisms of slash fans.[4]


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