Dominion Translator

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Title: Dominion Translator
Publisher: U.S.S. Dominion
Editor(s): Kelene be Zight
Date(s): 1989-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek and other science fiction
Language: English
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Dominion Translator is a Star Trek club newsletter.

V.3. N.3

Dominion Translator v.3 n.3 was published in October 1992 and contains 52 pages.

cover of v.3 n.3
  • Captain's Log (1)
  • First Officer's Log (1)
  • Note from the Editor (2)
  • Attention to Orders (3)
  • U.S.S. Dominion Commissioning (4)
  • Tubagram (5)
  • First Year (6)
  • First Captain's Log (8)
  • Star Wars Trivia (9)
  • Ambush by B. Jacobs (10)
  • Word Search by A. Hales (16)
  • Shuttle Craft by S.H. News Service (19)
  • Freedom Images by K. Smith (21)
  • Marina's Wedding by D. Paral (22)
  • Interview with George Takei by A. Kales (23)
  • Captain Sulu by J. Biddinger-Stand. Ex. (26)
  • George Takei -- we can't get enough (23)
  • News Article from Standard Examiner (29)
  • Star Search Puzzle by A. Hales (30)
  • Commentary by B. Jacobs (32)
  • Picture Perfect by B and M. Jacobs (32)
  • Dreams of Reality by O. Ramirez (34)
  • Matter-Anti Matter by A. Hales and I. Malik (35)
  • Star Trash by J. Amanuensis (36)
  • The Farpoint Gazette (38)
  • Recover by I. Malik (42)
  • Rear Adm Dan McGinnis (46)
  • Crew Roster (51)

V.3. N.4

Dominion Translator v.3 n.4 was published in December 1992 and contains 25 pages.

cover of v.3 n.4

The editorial mentions that the editor has heard a lot of negative comments and thinks people need to readjust their attitudes.

  • Captain's Log (1)
  • First Officer's Log (1)
  • Word Search (2)
  • Star Trek Comics (4)
  • Garfield Comics (5)
  • 20 Questions (6)
  • Comic (9)
  • Ad (10
  • Relics (11)
  • Crossword Puzzle (12)
  • Wardrums (13)
  • Mystery Person (13)
  • Quarter-Keeping Hints (13)
  • Can Data Find a Mate-A? (14)
  • Star Trek's Stars Trek (17)
  • Word Search Answers (19)
  • Crossword Puzzle Answers (20)
  • Marge (21)
  • Featured Member -- Listow Vader (24)
  • Bank Statement (25)

V.4. N.1

Dominion Translator v.4 n.1 was published in Jan/Mar 1993 and contains 34 pages.

cover of v.4 n.1

The typist thanks everyone for being so nice to her after she lost some fingers in a recent accident. She says typing this issue has been a challenge.

From the zine:
The staff of the DT is currently soliciting other genre stories for Science Fiction. We are interested in Star Wars, Dr Who and non media Sci Fi to include in our publications. If you are interested in writing these kind of stories, please contact the Chief Editor. Stories based on media series must maintain the integrity of the original creation. We will not accept mixed media such as Star Wars and Star Trek characters in the same plots. Star Trek stories must have only star Trek characters and worlds etc and Star Wars must be strictly Star Wars. Mixed Genres are considered offensive to the original creators and we are not interested in offending George Lucas or causing Gens Roddeberry to spin in his grave.

The Chief Editor for all Star Wars is Brad Jacobs. Star Wars stories are to be turned in to Brad for accuracy verification. The position of Chief Editor for Star Trek Stories is open. The ST editor must be well versed in Star Trek trivia and knowledge. contact Ingrid Malik or Brad Jacobs if you are interested.

We are expanding personal charactors to include Star Wars charactors for SW story writing. Any one wishing to have an SW charactor may develop their charactor with the understanding that the integrity of SW must be maintained and the charactors may ONLY be used in SW stories. Contact Brad Jacobs for accuracy verification. All SW charactors must have the approval of the SW Editor before being turned into the Cheif Editor of the DT. [typos included]
  • Captain's/First Officer's Logs (1)
  • In a Lonely 'Space' (2)
  • Translator Mews (4)
  • USS Dominated by Ingrid Malik (5)
  • Smithsonian Article (6)
  • An Interview with Walter Koenig (12)
  • Valeris (15)
  • Tails of Wander (17)
  • The Romulan Factor by Ann Hales (19)
  • Star Trash by J. Amanuensis (23)
  • Matter-Anti Matter/one sided (24)
  • Surprise, Surprise, Surprise by Janet Donovan (26)
  • Coming on Board by Brad Jacobs (29)
  • The Couch Critic by Jeff Jarvis (32)
  • Bank Statements compiled by Ingrid Malik and Jane Mills (33)

V.4. N.2

Dominion Translator v.4 n.2 was published in April/June 1993 and contains 16 pages.

cover of v.4 n.2

The editor reminds club members to volunteer at the car wash (banana splits afterward!), and to also come to do their part in the volunteer highway cleanup near her house.

This issue contains mostly clippings, reprinted cartoons, and flyers.

  • Captain's Log (1)
  • First Officer's Log (1)
  • Starfleet Stampede (2)
  • Starfleet Applications (5)
  • Traveling Cross Country (7)
  • Astronaut sees Star Trek set (8)
  • Walter Koenig in the News (8)
  • Phased Out (9)
  • Harlan Ellison about SCI-FI (10)
  • Garfield speaks out (11)
  • Bank Statements (12) (the club has a balance of $103)
  • Star Trash (15)
  • Comic Books (16)
  • A desperate cry for help (16) (some fans would like to start a new fan club in the Evansville area)