Doctors vs. Furries

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Date Started: Oct 28, 2017
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Doctors vs. Furries is a Tumblr thread started by pukicho involving a somewhat tongue-in-cheek discussion comparing the wages of doctors with the commission price for furry art. The thread was turned into a comic in 2020 by coolfrogdude, which was then dubbed by the YouTube channel JelloApocalypse in 2022.


Original Thread


The comic draws several users as Pokémon characters (Pikachu, Charmander, and Gengar), alongside a frog, and a photo of a woman, likely based on the usernames and/or icons of the users in the thread.

YouTube Dub

JelloApocalypse wrote a comment on their video commenting on the meaning of the comic:

Looking at the comments, it seems that I need to make it clear that the joke of this comic is not "Haha, imagine thinking furries are more competent than doctors", the joke of this comic is "Haha, it's true! So many doctors ARE fucking assholes!"