Doctor Who 2000

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Title: Doctor Who 2000
Editor(s): Neil Hogan
Date(s): 1989-95
Medium: audio cassette
Size: #1-31: C90
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Doctor Who 2000 is a Doctor Who tape zine on audio cassette.

There were thirty-one of them. The tapezine was essentially free. The amount charged for the zine just covered the cost of the cassette, printing of the cover and postage. Fans could send their own tapes in, with an envelope and some stamps and get it for free. Approximately 20 to 30 of each issue became available. Of those, about 10 to 15 were sales and the rest were free contributor copies

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In 1989, a 90 minute audio tapezine called Doctor Who 2000 was born. The tapezine featured interviews with fans, audio recordings of Doctor Who episode trailers and reviews of upcoming episodes. It was assembled, with the help of many contributors, by Neil Hogan, on an old double cassette recorder, with the help of a hand held full size voice recorder, in Sydney, Australia. The tapes featured the occasional exclusive interview with famous Doctor Who stars like Colin Baker or Katy Manning. The main popularity of the tapezine, though, was due to the fact that each one included two missing audio episodes of Doctor Who. Fans could relive the recordings of Marco Polo or cringe in terror to Fury from the Deep, long before either had been released in any other format. Neil's goal with the series was to get people interested in tracking down the final missing audio recordings. At the time, 2 episodes of the Crusade and the entire Galaxy Four did not exist in audio format and Neil's hope was that if he could get enough people interested in the missing recordings, these episodes would turn up. Thanks to the interest of a large number of fans world wide, both the missing Crusade and Galaxy Four turned up near the end of the Doctor Who 2000 series. A couple of the episodes were released on the final tapezines. The series had served its purpose and with new technology called 'wavs' the audio tapes had outlived their usefulness and were put to rest in 1996. Neil then moved on to slightly bigger things, the release of his new videozine - The Y Files. But that's another story! [1]


Doctor Who 2000 was predominantly advertised in Data Extract... Doctor Who 2000 was also fairly advanced for its time in that video advertising was used during mini cons and conventions in Sydney. Many of the ads were camp or tragic and deliberately bad enough to cause a laugh. As far as is known, no other tapezine had been advertised in this way at the time. It was also advertised in programme guides, brochures and flyers, on notice boards in local libraries and even at international Doctor Who conventions like Visions '93. [2]


"Many of the covers were either drawn by Neil Hogan or Lee Freeman in the UK. The final 2 tape set featured a colour cover of 2 paintings of the 7 Doctors by Lee Freeman and Neil Hogan respectively."