Dive To Your Heart

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Title: Dive To Your Heart
Editor(s): fivebreadloaves, echocrowan
Type: Fanart, Fanfiction
Date(s): 2020
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Language: English
External Links: Twitter
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Dive To Your Heart is a zine dedicated to relationships between original characters and canon characters in the Kingdom Hearts games.


The project's social media account first posted a form to gauge for interest in the zine on September 21, 2020[1]. The project posted the following stating their intention for running the zine:

Also, if you see the account liking your tweets, it’s because the era of hiding your OCs, totally off the cuff or thinly-veiled-self-insert, is over and it’s time we all proudly showcased our awesome OCs and gave them some love. We wanna see your OCs and celebrate them with you!

And if you don’t necessarily have a canon ship romantically, if your OC has a relationship of any kind with a canon character, like you made Sora a sibling or your OC is a grown up Terraqua baby, or something, we want to celebrate that, too! Not everything HAS to be romantic. 💙

We simply started the zine under that banner because after a few years of keeping our canon/oc ships hidden away through Google Docs and personal timelines, we figured, hey. There’s a bunch of zines. What’s one more, especially when it’s a celebration of something so personal? 💙[2]

The form closed approximately on September 28, 2020[3]. A month later, the zine was put on hold on October 11, 2020, as the mods were experiencing troubles in their real lives[4].