Disappearing Ink

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Title: Disappearing Ink
Publisher: I-Maniacs Fan Club
Editor(s): Susan (also known as planetsuz) and Gina
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 2000-2007
Medium: e-zine, online
Fandom: Invisible Man
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Disappearing Ink was the online newsletter of the I-Maniacs fan club. It ran from September 19, 2000 through December 23, 2007 and ended with issue #66. The newsletter, which was emailed to club members contained news about the show, actors, upcoming conventions and fan club events.

From issue #1: "Welcome to "The Invisible Man Fan Club". This is the official club newsletter that will arrive in your e-mail box every two weeks. We, Susan (also known as planetsuz) and Gina, are currently serving as writers and editors of the newsletter...Here's what you can expect from future newsletters from the club:

  • Each newsletter will include a message from the club founders, Brenda and Stacey (a.k.a. Helena and R2, respectively) as well as a message from the publishers.
  • A section will include updates on the last e-meeting of the club so people who couldn't attend can get caught up on club news.
  • Members of the club will also be updated on happenings and events as well as progress on the official status of the club with The Powers That Be (a.k.a. TPTB). This is an exciting process and will possibly lead to special opportunities for club members only. Keep reading as this process continues.
  • Also, each issue the newsletter will turn the spotlight on great Invisible Man web sites made by fans and club members. We want the newsletter to be a fun part of the club.

At the moment, we are confined to the limitations of a text-only version of the newsletter."