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Dippie is a term coined by Bjo Trimble to describe a foolish and shrill Star Trek fan. It is unclear how extensive her use of the word was, but fans ran with it, using it as an example of the disrespect that they were being shown.

One place Trimble used the term was in Starlog:
In the meantime, feeding only on rumors, the fans were getting restless and slightly hysterical. Both Bennett's and Sallin's secretaries began to take a very jaundiced view of ST fandom. I tried to explain that only the really "dippie" ones got shrill enough to call the studio, screaming invectives at poor secretaries; that they were the only ones who wrote scathing letters (which are only read by secretaries, who do not pass this sort of thing on to bosses — that is what secretaries are paid for, see. . .). I tried to tell these ladies that there were many good, sincere, loving and kindly Star Trek fans Out There who were waiting patiently to see if they were finally to get a good movie. [1]

Examples of Use

I still believe Spock's death "rumor" is a Paramount publicity stunt... I agree with Bjo Trimble on this one: Some "Trekkies" are "dippies" if they can't recognize a publicity stunt when they see one. [2]
I am concerned about Spock's death, and I don't consider myself a "dippie." Perhaps Ms. Trimble should stop promoting herself, should actually use her fan scene column in Starlog to talk about fandom instead of herself, and should keep her mouth shut. If she doesn't agree with the Concerned Supporters of ST, then don't bring them down. And I thought she was a "dippie" for saying such nonsense to the press. [3]


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