Dip Him in Chocolate

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Title: Dip Him in Chocolate
Publisher: Lady Godiva Press
Editor(s): SuzanLynne, Joan Leda
Date(s): 1999
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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copy in the Ming Collection

Dip Him in Chocolate #0 is a slash multi-fandom anthology. Only ten copies, which were sold at a con, in addition to the contributors' copies, were ever published. Several people have reported ordering this zine and never receiving it. [1]

A photocopy of a contributor's copy was donated to the Mariellen (Ming) Wathne Fanzine Archives Collection.


  1. ^ "I've been made aware of another press you might wish to avoid. This publisher seems to specialise in The Sentinel zines - the particular zine of which I was warned was known as "The Chocolate Zine" (though whether that was its title or its theme, I don't know). The publisher seems to be known primarily as Lady Godiva Press, though I'm told that they have other names, including Tempestuous Press and Under the Covers Press. The fan who provided the warning said that she had sent her money off but never received her zine, and that repeated e-mails had not been answered." from DIAL #13