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Recommendation Website
Name: Destiel Fanfic
Reccer(s): Alice (founder/previous), Char (previous), Flyingcatstiel, Kyrie
Dates: 28 August 2012 - present
Focus: Dean/Castiel fanfiction
Fandom: Supernatural

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Destiel Fanfic is a rec blog on tumblr that's focused on the Supernatural pairing Dean/Castiel.

The blog was formed on August 28, 2012 with the first rec post being for strangenessandcharm's "Thursday's Child".[1] The rec blog's founder was Alice, who was joined by co-reccer Char, Flyingcatstiel and Kyrie.[2] Alice and Char have since left the blog, leaving it to Flyingcatstiel and Kyrie.

Destiel Fanfic has a few different posting formats, which includes individual posts for single fics, thematic posts with a list of fics fitting a theme, submitted recs from non-official reccers, and author highlight posts. Rec posts are marked by tags relating to fic length, featured season (for non-AU fic), type of AU (for AU fic), featured characters, side pairings, and common tropes such pretend relationship, case fic and hurt/comfort.[3] The blog also accepts requests from visitors, such as to find a specific lost fic, or for general recs based on tropes or scenarios.

In its first year, the blog rated the fics it recced on an A-B-C scale, which the reccers hoped would be useful for readers. However this lead to complications when authors received hate for getting an A+ rating that some people felt was "undeserved". The blog's reccers decided to remove all ratings in August 2013.[4]