Der Donaldist

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Title: Der Donaldist
Publisher: D.O.N.A.L.D.
Type: clubzine, newsletter
Date(s): 1976-current
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Donaldism
Language: German
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cover of Der Hamburger Donaldist #4 from May 1977

Der Donaldist is the clubzine of the D.O.N.A.L.D., DD for short. It comes out four times per year (ideally, sometimes there are irregularities), not counting special editions ("Sonderhefte" or DDSH for short). There are five local publishing groups, called Reducktionen (a pun on the German word "Redaktion") and publication cycles between them: Reducktion Hamburg, Reducktion Berlin (currently inactive), Reducktion Hessen, Reducktion Achim/Bremen/Oldenburg, and Reducktion Aachen. For a while the editor group was also called Ducktorium.

It currently costs €5 for members, €6 for others. You can subscribe to the zine but can also buy it in some comic stores in Germany. It is a non-profit publication though. While the most recent editions are produced digitally, for a long time the zine was still produced by hand, giving it a somewhat retro look. It wasn't until #125 (from October 2005) that the zine abandoned hand-glued A3 paper masters.

The first 51 issues and 15 special issues were published from 1976 to 1985 as Der Hamburger Donaldist (as the Reducktion didn't change locations). These zine are now available as a collection on a CD-ROM. [1] Prior to this digital collection becoming available in April 2003 new DONALD members would still get reprint versions of selected important articles from those older zines to get to know the club's history when you joined. For example a collection called "Duckomente aus der heroischen Epoche der D.O.N.A.L.D. - Die Ära Storch". It contained reproductions of the invitation to the founding convention of the DONALD in 1977, the first member list, and reprints from the earliest HD zines.

The first issue under the new title Der Donaldist came out in June 1985 as DD #52. The most recent issue is DD #135, the most recent Sonderheft is DDSH #57.

The zine has articles and news for members, though members of D.O.N.A.L.D. also get a separate newsletter called MiFüMi ("Mitteilungen Für Mitglieder" i.e. "news for members", usually four times a year, also sometimes with Christmas gifts, e.g. the gift in 2008 was a card game you could cut out and assemble). Sometimes the MiFüMi are stapled into the DD, though the page numbering remains distinct. (No idea know whether the non-member DD editions contain the MiFüMi in those cases.)

Der Hamburger Donaldist #1 was published August 1976. The first edition had a print run of only 25, but there have been reprints later. It has 14 pages. It contains an introduction about Carl Barks, then a list of other Donaldistic books and zines available at the time (e.g. Scandinavian zines). Next is a German translation of the seminal Donaldistic text Barksismen by Freddy Milton (the original was published in the Danish zine Carl Barks & Co. #2), and finally the first part of an index of the comic Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck, i.e. information of which original publication the German comics correspond to, whether the story was by Barks etc.

HD #2 was published in November 1976. It has 28 pages. It contains letters, ads looking to buy and/or trade Donald comics (also info that the HD would be now available through a bookstore near the university), a report of the first meeting of the Hamburg Donaldist group, a translation of the article Bing, du er hypnotiseret! by Magnus Magnusson, Freddy Milton and Mike Barrier from the Danish Carl Barks & Co. #1), and index of Barks stories in Micky Maus comics published between 1965-1973, an article Angewandter Donaldismus ("applied Donaldism", i.e. this article talks about the Donaldist practice to take Donald Duck comic panels, rearrange and combine them with new text to use them for something else), corrections to the index from HD #1, and newspaper articles covering the new fan club.

cover of #58 by Tommi K.

DD #58 was published in December 1986. It has 48 pages. The cover and backcover are by Tommi K.

  • Un Ballo in Machera (about the Zwischenzeremonie)
  • Das donaldische Quiz und Kongreßankündigung
  • Über die Strahlenempfindlichkeit der Anatiden Entenhausens (about radiation susceptibility and sickness in Duckburgh's ducks)
  • Von der Kunst des Übersetzens
  • Floyd Gottfredson
  • Literatur
  • Comic-Salon Erlangen
  • Duck Filmnotizen
  • Das Bild von der Exekutive im Donald-Universum (about the executive power in the Duck universe)
  • Leserbriefe und Vermischtes
  • Carl-Courier

DD #60 was published June 1987. It has 52 pages. The cover is by Karsten w. the backcover by Tommi K.

  • Kongreßbericht
  • 10 Jahre D.O.N.A.L.D.
  • Helix felix (Ist Denken hörbar?)
  • Radiology in Entenhausen (radiology in Duckburgh)
  • Die Rechte Minderjähriger in Entenhausen (rights of minors in Duckburgh)
  • Quiz / Original und Fälschung
  • Disney made in Italy
  • Literatur (book and magazine reviews)
  • "Gerichtsverfahren" gegen T.K.
  • Offener Brief
  • Leserbriefe, etc.

DD #132 was published July 2008 and has 40 pages. (plus 24 pages of MiFüMi #114 stapled in the middle on blue paper)

  • Norbert Nordlicht: Kongressbericht (convention report)
  • Fernsehen in Entenhausen (article on tv in Duckburgh)
  • Was hat die Biene uns getan? (on bees in Duckburgh)
  • Fragen zum Stadtplan (first part of the series with questions about the Duckburgh map that was published as DDSH #55 [2])
  • Die Geheimstraße
  • Das donaldische Quiz

DD #133 was published October 2008 and has 48 pages.(plus twelve pages of MiFüMi stapled in the middle on yellow paper)

  • Kongressankündigung
  • Ethologische Analyse des Indischen Plaudervogels
  • ...räusper
  • Bis auf die Knochen
  • Der Stadtplan kommt
  • Naturentfremdung, Naturerfahrung, Naturschutz: Entenhausener Lebensart als Mahnung und Vorbild
  • Errata zu DD 130: Sprachen sowie Besonderheiten des Sprechens und des Sprachverstehens im Anaversum
  • MÜCKE Stadtplanfragen (more about the Duckburgh map; MÜCKE is short for "Meisterhafte Überarbeitung chaotischer Kartengrundlagen Entenhausens" the name of the DONALD subgroup that has been working on assembling the map)
  • Leserbrief
  • Das donaldische Quiz
  • DD Versandservice
  • "Ich kämpfe mich durch!" - Bericht von der ZZ 2008 (report about the Zwischenzeremonie)
  • Donaldische Statue entdeckt
  • Und es existiert doch! (book review)

DD #134 was published February 2009 and has 60 pages. (plus twelve pages of MiFüMi #117 stapled in the middle on yellow paper)

  • Bremer: Impressum
  • Rosa: In Deutschland (about Don Rosa's visit in Germany)
  • Die Sprache Deutsch
  • Des Schtuegarder Kongressle
  • VDK: Frau*dulenz in Entenhausen (about fraud in Duckburgh)
  • Drossel: Kontakt zu Dagobert Duck?
  • Hediger: Presse in Entenhausen (about the press in Duckburgh)
  • Seitz: Quiz
  • Mücke: Stadtplanfragen
  • Grimberg: Noch mehr verrückte Hühner
  • Pfeiler: Schwieriges Unterfangen
  • Aufgeschnappt
  • DD Versandservice

DD #135 was published July 2009 and has 68 pages. It contains articles and convention reports of the last DONALD Kongress, and news of interest such as announcements for the Zwischenzeremonie (literally "inbetween-ceremony" that's a meeting that is not the main convention):

  • Impressum/Inhalt/Editorial p.2
  • Kongressimpressionen I p.3
  • Norbert Nordlichts Kongress p.4
  • Kongressimpressionen II p.11
  • Eine unbequeme Wahrheit p.12 (transcript of a talk from the Kongress about climate change in Duckburgh)
  • Ankündigung Zwischenzeremonie p.30
  • Bohnen (Teil 1) p.31 (a transcript of a talk from the Kongress about beans in Duckburgh)
  • Bohnen (Teil 2) p.35
  • Stadtplanfragen (Folge 4) p.36 (details and questions about the Duckburgh map that has been published as DDSH #55 [3])
  • Fressattacken im Dämmerzustand p.40
  • Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer p.41
  • Das donaldische Quiz p.64
  • Bielefeld für Fortgeschrittene p.65
  • DD Versandservice p.67