Demands of the Qun

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Gift Exchange
Name: Demands of the Qun
Date(s): 2021
Type: fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Dragon Age
URL: On Tumblr
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Demands of the Qun is a Dragon Age exchange dedicated to the Qunari of the franchise.


Do you love our Tal-Vashoth friends? Dream of what life in Par Vollen is like? Make heart eyes at the Arishok?

My friend, this is the exchange for you.

Join us to satisfy the Demands of the Qun with our first ever Qunari themed exchange. This exchange features all Qunari characters in both platonic and romantic relationships. We’re here for The Iron Bull, Sten, Adaar, and the Arishok, and we hope you are too! Any pairing/group can be nominated as long as it features one Qunari character.

This exchange is open to ANYONE who wishes to participate and can draw or write ONE piece by the deadline.


This exchange accepts works of any rating or content and ask only that they are tagged as completely and appropriately as possible and do not violate the recipients DNWs. Participating in the exchange means that you understand and accept that.

No creator will be forced to create content they do not wish to. For this reason, we ask people to be very clear and thorough when filling out their forms and only choose pairs they wish to create for. Beyond that, the only restriction is adhering to the DNWs.

All content consumers must state what they do not want for people fulfilling their requests. No consumer will be gifted content that has a “do not want” in it. For this reason, we ask people to be very clear and thorough when filling out their forms.

All characters in content created must remain true to their cannon skin color presentation (no white washing). With this in mind, we will accept minor variations in skin tone that does not dramatically alter appearance with respect to the variation of styles and colors. OC Qunari characters may have the skin tone of their creators choice.

In addition, all characters who are described as homosexual in cannon must not be featured in heterosexual couplings (ie: Dorian featured with a female character in a romantic relationship.) Allowances will be made for respectful polyamory situations (ie: Dorian/Male Adaar/Josephine where Dorian/Male Adaar are in a sexual relationship and Male Adaar/Josephine are in a sexual relationship, but Josephine/Dorian are never in a sexual relationship)

This exchange does not accept works featuring pre-pubescent children (IE: under the age of 13) in sexual situations.

We accept OCs (Adaar, Brosca, Amell, Hawke, etc) of any gender presentation - please indicate if the OC protagonist you submit is male, female, non-binary, or of another gender presentation. If the moderators have questions, we will post them and ask you to contact us.

This exchange does accept works that depict non-consensual and dubiously consensual sexual activity but they must be tagged appropriately. This exchange will also accept works dealing with abuse, substance use, and other darker themes. We ask that they be tagged appropriately. Works that are not tagged appropriately will be removed from the exchange and creators will be contacted about the rule violation.

All conflicts in this exchange that cannot be solved between the conflict participants, or any issues with a request/offer must be brought to the moderators attention.

We ask that works submitted adhere to basic standards of readability in terms of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. If you need assistance finding a beta, the exchange will gladly assist you!

All works must be a finished art piece (at a minimum clean, finished line art on unlined paper) or a fic of 1000 or more words. There is no maximum. Treats may be any length but must be finished.

You are obligated to deliver one finished work by the exchange due date. If there is going to be an issue, please contact the moderators or default on your own. All outstanding works at due date and time will be defaulted as a “no show” and you will be banned from the exchange.

This exchange is anonymous, please do not post your creation or reveal your recipient until after the creators or revealed, then you may post wherever you like. If you post early, you will be in violation of the rules and will be contacted.

Stories and art must be written specifically for this exchange and cannot have been previously created and posted. They cannot be part of a series that is posted. They can feature OCs you have used before, but the work must stand alone and be complete.

Depending on the extent of rule violation and the amount of violations, people may be banned from future exchanges, asked to take corrective action, or works may be removed from the exchange. The Moderator team has sole discretion in making these decisions.