Deliverance (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: Deliverance
Author(s): Pat Ellen
Date(s): 1991
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Deliverance is a Blake's 7 story by Pat Ellen.

It was published in Avon Calling #2.

A sequel to this story is The Gift. They may have been written by the same person. Or not.

Reactions and Reviews

(A/B) by Pat Ellen Very heavy d/s - Blake is Top, satisfying Avon's Federation-conditioned need to be controlled while trying to make him revolt against it. I don't dislike d/s in slash but I found the "brainwashing" (although in a good cause) angle uncomfortable to read. I also thought the tangled knot of emotions was a little fuzzy, but that may have been the point.[1]
Blake (who has been brainwashed to be an 'alpha leader') tries to un-brainwash Avon (an 'alpha plus' - brainwashed to be awesome, but to obey the alpha leaders) so that Avon can lead. He does this through BDSM-ing Avon, which he knows Avon will hate. It goes on for far too long. And is also a cracky idea of crack.[2]
The Pat Terra story you described ("The Gift" in Fire and Ice 3) is even odder when it is considered as a sequel to "Deliverance" in Avon Calling 2. Do you know whether the first story was by the same author? I kind of assumed that the point of both stories was the kinky dominance/submission stuff, and the reason for making Blake outright insane in the second story was just to give Avon a chance to be on top. Ordinarily I like that kind of thing (the dominance games, that is, not the insanity), but neither of these stories quite did it for me, and I'm not sure why not. Maybe the author really, in her heart, preferred A/V all along, and only wrote B/A because she thought it would be more popular? [3]


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