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Name: Death Dogs
Type: reccer
Fandoms: The Magnificent Seven
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Deathdogs is the odd name of a group of women who were M7 fans at the high point of the fandom's popularity. Their claim to fame is a wonderful fiction recs site for gen, adult, and slash. The seven women who ran the site freely admitted to certain biases: a demand for quality writing; a desire for well-characterized versions of the canon characters; a love for westerns and OW stories; a clear preference for Chris/Vin in the slash arena; and a love, a true love, of gen fic.

Their rec site, Death Dogs Tourist Guide to Magnificent 7 Fan Fiction, hosts recs for some of the best fic in the fandom. While it also misses some of the best fic because of their stated biases, it's a great resource, and a great place to start if you're new to the fandom and want good fiction recs.

This site is also the only place that Diamondback's "Camino Del Diablo" is archived. It's a Chris/Buck, Vin/Ezra, vampire/Mag 7 crossover that worked on so many levels--characterization, authentic setting in the old west series canon, adventure, drama-- that it rapidly became a "must read" for many slash fans.