Dealing with the Consequences

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Title: Dealing with the Consequences
Author(s): nemo_r
Date(s): 21 May 2011 - 05 November 2011
Length: 61,164 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The Eagle
External Links: Dealing with the Consequences (AO3)

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Dealing with the Consequences is a Marcus/Esca and OT3 story by nemo_r. It was written as a WIP for the eagle_kink.

Prompt: "Esca and Marcus, instead of killing the Seal Prince in the final battle, capture him instead and bring him back as sort of a prisoner of war. Having been captured, the Seal Prince is shamed and can never return to his tribe..."

Recs and Reviews

  • "This was such a romp through the length and breadth of Britain and even to Rome and back, and I liked following their physical and emotional twists and turns. Loved Liathan's voice, especially his journey in the first half from captive to reluctant-but-accepting slave; it was quite believable if painful, given his attitude to honour (loved the dream/memory of his grandmother, and the white-hound image). In the second half I particularly enjoyed the way you conjured Esca's difficulties with his lack of place and his insecurity until he finally has Marcus's devotion to root him (and of course I enjoyed the rooting of the other variety, to lower the tone). I'm shallow, and want to finally see them consummate this endearingly love-struck OT3. That may just have to be in my imagination -- luckily you've given me a vivid world for them to play in."[1]
  • "This was the most amazing The Eagle fic I have ever read. Words....there aren't enough to describe how much I enjoyed this and how I am so glad for the journey you have taken the readers through."[2]
  • "This is wonderful. Its a much more complicated story than I expected and the characters are deeper. I loved the interaction between Placidus and Claudius. I thought it was terrible the way the old Romans died within a days travel of the wall. Reforming the Ninth worked very well and the way Esca and Liathan are sort of floating around the Roman camp, not quite belonging."[3]


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