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Name: Dail's Fandoms Page
Owner/Maintainer: Dail
Dates: 06 December 1998 or before - 05 February 2002 (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Highlander, The X-Files
URL: http://diversions.simplenet.com/fandoms/ (Wayback link)
Dail's Fandoms Page.png
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Dail's Fandoms Page was a Highlander and The X-Files fansite with links and image galleries.

The fanfiction section had a definition of fanfiction, a link to Fan Fiction on the Net, and a link to Bentley's Bedlam. The latter was a fanfiction resource that was discontinued May 1, 2000.

Fan Fiction, as it sounds like, is fiction about a television show written by the fans of the show and read by other fans of the show. While it is not officially approved of by The Powers That Be (the owners of the show and its characters), if it is kept low key and out of their face, mostly they ignore it. TPTB are aware that it's a harmless expression of the fan's appreciation of what they have created. For the writers and readers, fan fiction can be a wonderful way to explore the "what ifs" and "how did they" and "behind the scenes" issues of fandom. Some writers invent new stories about the characters, some go into the character's history and backstory, others postulate romantic relationships for Our Heroes along with the story ideas. If Fan Fiction interests you, here are some sites to look for stories about your favorite shows.