Daffodil Bolger

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Name: Daffodil Bolger
Alias(es): Aratlithiel, abby-normal
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings
URL: Slash fan fiction & abby-normal
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Daffodil Bolger is a slash fan fiction writer. In her introduction in Vilya it states: "Daffodil Bolger also writes Hobbit gen and het under the name Aratlithiel , with a special focus on Frodo. Who didn't fail. Just sayin'."

Under the name Aratlithiel she wrote a 2003 essay about the Lord of the Ring films, arguing that the casting of the role of Frodo undermined the character. [1].

Her work, both slash and gen, has been well received, with one reviewer noting: "This piece is beautiful. Simply beautiful... breathtakingly true to its very core. It's probably the best thought-out exposition on the internal torture that Frodo must have faced after the Sammath Naur. Someone with less experience with grief might be tempted to say Frodo was "blaming himself", but Aratlithiel clearly has a good grasp on the emotions that come into play here." (reviewing " Bronwe Athan Harthad", Second Place winner of the Middle Earth Fan Fiction Awards, 2005). [2]

And another reader commented: "Daffodil Bolger at her very best, revealing her characters in detail as she melts our brains."[3]