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Mailing List
Date(s): December 20, 1994 - July 1997, then moved to another server under the name DUESOUTH Mailing list[1]
Founder(s): LJC
Type: mailing list
Fandom: Due South
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The Due South Discussion Listserv (DSOUTH-L) was founded December 20, 1994, by LJC and co-moderated by Melissa Dore.

The list was founded to discuss due SOUTH, Canadian culture, and anything else remotely related to due South. Due South script coordinator Scott Cooper was a member of the list, and due to the close relationship between the production office and the mailing list, there was a strict "no fan fiction" policy on the discussion list.

LJC turned over sole ownership of DSOUTH-L to Dore in December 1995.

Because of the role the list played in getting the show renewed for a second season, her name was used in an episode.[2]

At the height of its popularity in 1997, the list had over 600 participants.

The list was mentioned in a June 1995 letter to the editors of Internet World Magazine:

WHERE THE GIRLS ARE? In the July Surfboard you ask where the girls—that is, women—are. I don't know where you are looking, but there are plenty of us out there. I am on one e-mail discussion group, dsouth-l@viti.ege.edu.tr, where the women outnumber the men 2:1. This group has a more social feel to it rather than a technical bent. There are no flames allowed here and a certain code of behavior is expected of all participants. The friendly atmosphere keeps people happy with this list—as well as an interest in discussing the TV show Due South. The men aren't complaining, as far as I can tell. Women do participate on the Net. Just keep on looking."[3]


From a 1997 copy of the Due South FAQ:

"This list exists to discuss due SOUTH, Canadian culture, and anything else remotely related to due SOUTH. With over 600 members on this list from several different countries, this is possibly the most active due SOUTH discussion list. Because of the possibility that production personnel could frequent this list, no fan fiction, nor in-depth discussion of potential storylines (third season plots) is permitted.... ....This list is moderated by and Missy [email redacted] who has established rules of conduct meant to keep this list as a pleasant place to 'hang out' and discuss due SOUTH. These rules are posted occasionally. You may also be asked to post an 'intro' to the list. See the sign-up mail for details."[4]

Much much of the information contained in the Due South FAQ originated as posts to the DSOUTH-L mailing list.

Eventually a separate mailing list DSFICT-L was set up to allow for fan fiction.[5]


The listserv was hosted on Trearn (listserv@vm. ege.edu.tr), a university VMS server located in Turkey, and as a result, experienced frequent downtime.

"Is anyone from the Due South mailing list reading? I tried sending a
NOMIME command to the server on Friday and since then I've received
nothing from Trearn. Neither is it responding to any of my messages.
Now, is it because of the command I sent, or has the server gone down?
Can some kind Dueser let me know please?
Thank you kindly

I think the list server has gone into hibernation, because I haven't seen anything come from the list for a few days.

P.S. is this the situation the "backup Due South list" was set up to circumvent? Has anyone who's subscribed to the backup list been getting mail?"[6]

The frequent downtimes also spawned an acronyym: "DSLWS - due SOUTH LIST Withdrawal Syndrome - symptoms of anxiety, etc. when a list member is denied access to the DSOUTH-L for a prolonged period of time."[7]


In 1996, ownership of the fiction list fell into the hands of a deeply-religious list owner, who objected to stories that contained swearing, pre-marital sex, taking the Lord's name in vain, and any slash content, even of a G-rated nature.

See Due South Religious Wars of '96.


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