D. E. Stevenson

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Name: Dorothy Emily Peploe, née Stevenson
Also Known As: D. E. Stevenson
Occupation: author
Medium: novels
Works: over 40 novels, see a list at Wikipedia
Official Website(s): http://www.destevenson.org/
Fan Website(s):
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Dorothy Emily Stevenson, a.k.a. D. E. Stevenson, was a twentieth century Scottish author who wrote a number of popular "light romantic" novels. She was distantly related to Robert Louis Stevenson. Popular titles include:

  • Miss Buncle's Book & Miss Buncle Married
  • Mrs. Tim of the Regiment


DEStevenson (link) is an active community on Yahoo! Groups that regularly holds discussions about Stevenson's novels. It also periodically holds get-togethers of its members ("DESsies"), normally with some kind of focus related to DE Stevenson’s life and/or works. In June 2010, they toured places in Scotland which are mentioned in some of the novels, and also saw Stevenson’s home in Moffat.