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Pairing: Dís/Her Husband (sometimes Dís/Her Wife)
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Het (sometimes Femslash)
Fandom: The Hobbit
Canonical?: Implied
Prevalence: Low but not rare[1]
Other: Dís's husband (or wife) is not explicitly canonical, only implied[2]
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Dís/Her Husband is a semi-canonical ship from The Hobbit fandom. It is based on the existence of Dís's sons Fíli and Kíli. In a few works, Dís had a wife instead of a husband.[3]

This is generally a pre-canon relationship. In almost all quest-period and post-quest fanworks, Dís's husband is deceased. The movie promotional materials say he has disappeared[4] or died, and the fact that he's not on the quest is usually taken by fans as confirmation of his death.[5][6]


Nothing concrete is known about the father of Fíli and Kíli.[2] Shortly after the release of An Unexpected Journey, fans began to speculate about his personality and Dís's relationship with him, as well as why he wasn't on the quest. Most assumed he was dead.[7]

In most prompts and works, the relationship between Dís and her husband was positive and it is handled as a love match, but a few works posit an arranged marriage and negative experience. One hobbit_kink prompt explained:

I tried to got through all the prompts, and I don't think I've seen this one yet. I don't know much about Fili and Kili's father, but was inspired by a fic that had an idea that Dis was in an arranged marriage with a less than savory character.

I'd like to expand on that, with details of Fili's early life. Maybe the other dwarves don't realize how badly Dis and Fili are being treated until Kili is born. Fili can't stand to see his brother mistreated, so the truth is revealed when protective!Fili comes out and is possibly injured badly in the process. I'd especially love to see Thorin's reaction and protective side when it comes to his nephews. Whether their father dies/leaves/pops up again when they are older is up to you!![8]

Common speculations also included his relationship with other members of the family:

Seriously, just anything where Thorin and Dis' husband are just like best friends who work together and hang out and drink on occasion because they are besties and they enjoy each other's company.[9]

Dis's husband is not always dead. Greater Adventures by hotdwarflovin[10] mentions him in a throwaway comment as still being alive when the quest begins. The humorous The Panting of the Dwaves by Jimiel[11] has him living in the reclaimed Erebor. This is a relatively rare interpretation, but it's not unknown, and it's generally justified by the lack of information.[3][11]

Fannish Tropes

Since Dís's husband (or wife) is entirely a fan-constructed character, the tropes involved in the ship are variable. A few common fanon elements have emerged about their relationship.

  • Víli - This is by far the most common fanon name for Dís's husband. Madame_faust took it from the Poetic Eddas and was probably the first person to use it in a fanwork.[12] Other fanon names often rhyme with Fíli and Kíli, though not all do.
  • Widow - Dís's husband is usually dead before the quest begins. Common causes of death include fighting at Azanulzibar, a mining accident,[13] or suicide.[14]
  • True Love - Most works have Dís and her husband as a love match, often outside class lines, kin lines (as in, he is not one of Durin's Folk), or other usual boundaries.
    • In some works, Dís's husband is a commoner. The exile from Erebor allows them to marry because it changes Dís's status and makes for a much smaller number of dwarves overall. In The Princess and the Goldsmith's Son by Sassaphrass, he is a goat-herder and at the very bottom of the social order.
  • Arranged Marriage - In a few works, especially earlier ones, Dís's marriage was arranged because she's royalty. Sometimes she was even abused by her husband.
  • Ur Family - In some works, Dís's husband is closely related to Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur, explaining their presence on the quest.[15][16]

Reactions of Other Characters

  • Thorin Oakenshield - In some works, when Dís first begins courtship, Thorin objects or views her choice with suspicion, usually out of a desire to protect his sister. Dís generally knocks some sense into him, or her husband turns out to be so friendly even Thorin can't hate him, as in madame_faust's Worries Go Down Better with Ale than Without.
  • Dwalin - In some works, Dwalin loves Dís and watches her marry someone else, leaving him heartbroken.[17] In a few works, they later go on to have a romance once Erebor is reclaimed.



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