Curious Goods

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Title: Curious Goods
Publisher: Double Dutch Productions
Author(s): S.L. Schneider
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1991 or 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Shadow Chasers/Friday the 13th: The Series
Language: English
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Curious Goods is a 60-page gen crossover novel by S.L. Schneider. It has a sequel called Curious Bad.

Descriptions from Ads

From an ad in For Your Information #5: "A curse is changing Jonathan from a mere sortal to a powerful warlock. Two rival covens battle for his future while Jack Marshack, Micki and Ryan try to counteract their actions, and Benny romances a witch."

From an ad in The Zine Connection #15: "Objects aren't the only things that can be cursed, as Benny and Jonathan discover the hard way. Only a coven of witches can get them out of this one, or can they?"

From an ad in I.Z.I.: "Benny and Jonathan are right on the scene, with the owners of a certain curio shop close behind. But cursed objects and a coven of witches are soon the least of their worries: Jonathan Is under a curse himselfl Contains adult material."

From an ad in Zine Scene: "Locating cursed objects can be the least of your worries, when you find the latest thing to be cursed is YOU! Adult situations."