Cry Wolf

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Title: Cry Wolf
Editor(s): Ann O'Neill
Date(s): 1996, 1997
Medium: print
Size: A5, digest-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
Language: English
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Cry Wolf 1

flyer for issue #1, click to read story summaries

Cry Wolf 1 was a 80-page slash anthology, published in the UK in 1996. It was digest sized, stapled, published as A5 booklet with color card featuring a wolf in silver foil block.

All stories written by Gloria Lancaster and featured the Ray Vecchio & Fraser pairing. It was published by Ann O'Neill [1]

  • Bugs? What Bugs? ("There, that's better," Fraser approved. "Now come out of the water so I can see you properly.") (2)
  • Suffer the Children ("Please, let it be him, Ray prayed to anyone who was still on duty; Joseph, Jude, any of the, the hard working ones, the touch ones, Michael maybe -- he was touch enough for anything, even dragons.") (25)
  • Al Dente (27)
  • Imaginary Friend ("He could stand many things, but he could stand aside while someone was in pain. When that someone was Ray, the pain was compounded by a thousand fold. He waded in where angels feared to tread for total strangers; could he do less for Ray?") (62)
  • Oh, Well (63)
  • Only One Word ("Ray gave a muffled squeak of surprise, but could make no further sound, since Fraser had a most effective tactic to keep him quiet; he simply put his tongue inside Ray's mouth") (69)
  • Leaving Never Hurts ("He looked around the busy, scruffy workplace with affection. It was like being a policeman again, to sit here and watch all this, to know he had a place here, to know he was tolerated, sometimes even welcomed, to know that...") (77)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1


Cheap and fun digest sized zine. Stories of medium to high quality. Editing/proofreading standards average. Highly recommended. [2]


So somewhere around 1995, I ordered my first-ever brand-new zine. I'm pretty sure it was Cry Wolf, from Ann O'Neill in England. I had to wrap up my cash very carefully to mail it off, and I had no idea if it'd made it until a month or two later, when suddenly there was a package for me, with a digest-sized zine full of Fraser/Ray stories. A (tiny) book of Fraser/Ray stories! It was to swoon. [3]

Cry Wolf 2

cover issue #2

Cry Wolf 2 was a 88-page slash anthology, published in the UK in 1997. It was digest sized, stapled, published as A5 booklet with color card featuring a wolf in silver foil block. All stories written by Gloria Lancaster and featured the Ray Vecchio & Fraser pairing.

  • Snowglobe (pp. 2-9) (He's beautiful. Not good looking you understand, or handsome or any of that easy stuff. But beautiful - the way that some men are? Ah, you know.)
  • And They Lived Happily Ever After (pp. 10-21) (A Thatcher story that twists the knife. Nasty.)
  • Georgio Won't Mind (pp. 22-36) (I'm no expert of course; a dedicated amateur you might say? but I have studied a few sets of hips and butts in my time and trust me, his were the best.)
  • Germ Warfare (pp. 37-64) Later (pp. 65-71) (Sap alert! Sap alert! Romance, milk and honey. Sap alert!)
  • If You Could See Him Through My Eyes (pp. 72-74) ("Why, thank you kindly," and Fraser sipped the soda water appreciatively. "I'm looking for a man, he's thirty five - well, actually, he's really only thirty four but he looks thirty five, he's taller than me by exactly one quarter of an inch although he always claims it's more...")
  • A Night At the Opera (pp. 75-83) (It was awful. It was physically, totally, awful. It hurt, a pain inside that made him fidget, squirm, scratch, look at his hands, pick at the skin on his nails (alas, the expensive manicure was shot to hell), chew his own lips and bite the insides of his cheeks until he tasted blood.)


  1. Ann O'Neill was active in the UK fandom starting in the mid 1980s and published multiple Due South, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Who, Star Trek:TNG, Babylon 5 and Blake's 7 fanzines in the UK. She passed away at a young age in 2000.
  2. a fan on Virgule-L, quoted anonymously (July 19, 1996)
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