Crossroads (Starsky & Hutch story)

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Title: Crossroads
Author(s): Sarah Problem
Date(s): 2001
Length: 83 KB online
Genre(s): slash
Fandom(s): Starsky & Hutch
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Crossroads is an explicit slash Starsky & Hutch story by Sarah Problem. It was first published in the zine Don't Give Up On Us, Baby in 2001, and then was put online in 2005.

art from the zine, by the author

The story's time line is Season 2-3 with a flash-forward to Post Sweet Revenge.


"What can the future hold for Starsky and Hutch? When Starsky gets a peek at a future where lines were crossed and choices made, will he choose that future, or will he decide some boundaries are better left alone?"

Reactions and Reviews

"Crossroads" is well-written as well as refreshingly cliché-free, and explores a new topic in the Starsky & Hutch fandom - time travel. Starsky visits a psychic and gets a brief glimpse of a future he can now either work towards or attempt to prevent: him and Hutch as lovers. Unfortunately, while he does make a decision, Sarah stops her tale immediately afterwards. Still, even without a sequel, "Crossroads" is perfect as it is and uses both time dimensions to complement rather than detract from each other, in the end leaving the reader with the promise of a bright future. [1]

I just love this story. Did you ever read a story that just pushed all your buttons, was well written and explored a new theme in fanfiction? Then, look no further, as this story has it all.

A good friend of mine and I discuss this story all the time and point to it as some of the best that Starsky and Hutch slash fandom has to offer. I am just so happy to see it up on the web now.

In it, we get: Starsky and Hutch as lovers, Starsky time traveling to the future to see what his life will be like and a glimpse of what Starsky and Hutch will be doing as mature, older men. The story is filled with love, compassion and the possibilities that a single event can change your life forever. [2]


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