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Mailing List
Name: Carzy-Roswell-Romances
Date(s): 2000 - 2003 (?)
Moderated: No
Type: Discussion, Fanfiction
Fandom: Roswell (1999)
Scope: Slash pairings, Femslash pairings, Polyam Pairings
URL:; archive url
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Carzy-Roswell-Romances was a mailing list in Roswell (1999) fandom focused on unconventional slash, femslash, and polyam pairings and fanfiction.


Ever thought of the possibility of Isabel/Tess? Kyle/Max? OR ever of Michael/Maria/Isabel? Liz/Alex/Max? Well, this is the list to discuss all your crazy Roswell parings and threesomes and other ideas like that. Our motto here is: The More The they can ALL have their fun!!! So join now and be proud to be a unique shipper!!!

The list was active in the early in the early 2000s. In 2003 it had 127 members. It went defunct at sometimes after 2003.